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Natalie Rogers (center left in yellow) dreamed the 1st Internaltional PCEA Symposium into being! What a joy it was to welcome 57 participants from around the world!Each person in this directory has received training in Person-Centered Expressive Arts from Dr. Natalie Rogers and her faculty. 

They incorporate Dr. Carl Rogers’ person-centered philosophy and Dr. Natalie Rogers’ Creative Connection® process into their work and lives. There are hundreds of former PCETI participants as well as students who have studied with PCEA faculty at Saybrook University, the California Institute for Integral Studies, the Institute of Imaginal Studies, and John F. Kennedy University.

The PCEA certificate program is currently offered through Meridian University as well as programs across the world.

Faculty of Person-Centered Expressive Arts certificate program (PCEA)
(formerly Person-Centered Expressive Therapy Institute: PCETI )

Natalie Rogers
Frances Fuchs
Shellee Davis
Maria Gonzalez-Blue
Anin Utigaard
Graciela Bottiini, Argentina
Christine Evans
Mukti Khanna
Lucy Barbera
Sue Ann Herron
Terri Goslin-Jones
Ben Hedges (deceased)
Patricia Waters (deceased)

Hong Kong
Fiona Chang

Taeok Jun

Kyoko Ono
Hiro Hamanaka

United Kingdom
Tess Sturrock
Dinah Brown