The PCEA Community

The first International Person-Centered Expressive Arts (PCEA) Symposium was held in July, 2014. It was a dream come true  for Natalie Rogers to welcome 57 participants from around the world to Westerbeke Ranch in Sonoma, California, to celebrate and honor their wonderful work. Take a few moments to watch this amazing video created by Fiona Chang, a faculty member who flew in from Hong Kong.

Natalie notes: “Amazingly there were former participants at the first bi-annual PCEA Symposium from our very first beginnings in 1984, including people from around the world brought together by the joy and love of the work and their colleagues. It warmed my heart and nourished my soul to be there!

I believe Person-Centered Expressive Arts is an important and lasting development in humanistic psychology.  If you are new to this work – we welcome you.”